What is Detail Lab?

Detail Lab was founded to provide an obsessive, precise, and customizable service for vehicle detailing.  While there are many automotive detailers in today's market, Detail Lab takes pride in being obsessed.  It doesn't matter if the job is as simple as a wash, or as complex as a multi-step paint correction topped with a multi-layer ceramic/silica coating.  Detail Lab breaks down each process providing exceptional attention to detail during each step.

From a simple wash, to full vehicle and wheel coatings, we do it all.  If you are looking for any specific service that is not listed, or have generic questions, please feel free to reach out to us!  We're more than happy to accommodate custom requests, schedule permitting.

"I wouldn't necessarily call myself a perfectionist.  I'm just very observant."  -Troy Sowers, Chief Detailer & Founder


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